Saturday, November 26, 2016

Observer's Notebooks

 Notebooks for visual thinkers.
That's the premise of these unique notebooks published by Princeton Architectural Press. These notebooks, the first in a new series (to be followed by Observer’s Notebook: Weather in spring), went on sale October 4th.

First up is the Astronomy Notebook (Amazon / Publisher  / B&N) This sturdy, cloth-bound journal is filled with stunning images and a variety of journal pages- grid, lined, graphs, charts. You have to see it to appreciate it!
Below is the Observer’s Notebook for Trees (Amazon / Publisher / B&N). You can use this journal for "... recording notes, observations, measurements and dreams, or simply for reflecting on the beauty of the planet's longest-living, grandest organisms." Or you can use it to fill any of your journaling needs with colorful tree diagrams and illustrations as background and, possibly, inspiration.

Next is the Grids & Guides, a slightly smaller journal with eight distinctive grid designs and ledger table pages.
Below are a variety of page layouts in the books. Love the original and different layouts for all kinds of fun uses.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Paper Haul Subscription Box

Looking for a stationery subscription box? Check out this #PaperHaul assortment from Crafty Creatives! Although they're based in the UK, they do ship worldwide! Sweet!

Each month has a new theme. I received this shipment a few months ago, but you can see more of an assortment of their previous packages here.
Cards, postcards, stickers, notebook, washi tape all came packaged in a sturdy box with a twine ribbon holding the items together.
Aren't these miniature cards (below) adorable?!
So much paper goodness delivered to your home as long as  you're OK with a new assortment each month featuring a different artist.
I'm having fun sending mail using these colorful, quirky cards and washi tape.
What colorful mail is brightening your mailbox these days?
You can check out their website, or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Stamp Box

Besides mail, my other great love is books, which translates to bookstores, libraries, books about books, most anything to do with reading. Like this little gem with the image of the girl reading a book under a tree.
I found this small, wooden, compact-like container at a gift shop when a friend (fellow book lover, Debra) and I stopped there on a day trip to northern Minnesota. We visited Gooseberry Falls, Agate Beach, Duluth and the Two Harbors Light House. We each decided we had to have one and now both of us have a cute, book-related keepsake of our trip.
I have mine sitting on my desk where I've stored a few loose stamps.
It's a nice reminder of a recent memory as well as a useful storage box for very small things, such as these holiday themed stamps from yesteryear.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Erin Condren Planner

Loving my 2016 Erin Condren Planner. A friend of mine shared hers at a coffee date earlier this year and I was enchanted with it- the sturdy platinum coil, the colorful layout (both monthly and weekly), the laminated front and back covers, stickers, a pocket, a zippered compartment and a notes section. What's not to love?
I selected the Seahorse design with my name. You can customize with a quote, word or business name (or leave blank).
Below is the inside front cover which is laminate and can be written on with a white board marker and erased again. I haven't tested mine yet, but my friend had and assure me it will wipe off just fine.
The colorful monthly dividers:
Upcoming monthly spread with a BIRTHDAY sticker.
Below is a view of the weekly spread in horizontal format. You could also choose from a vertical format for the weekly view.
One of the sticker pages (there are three). Plus, there are a zillion sticker options available on Etsy specially for Erin Condren planners designed with color motifs and sized to fit.
Near the back is a pocketed page (front and back) which comes with a pocket planner for keeping track of monthly celebrations and holidays.
Below you can see the clear zipper compartment for stickers, labels, rulers, markers, stamps and much more.
Don't you love the whimsical seahorse motif? Me too!
Stay tuned for more blog updates with photos of how I've been using this lovely planner!

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Angry PenPal

The letter arrived in a business envelope with no fancy address stamp, which was unusual for this longtime penpal who always used lovely return address stamps and stationery to write her letters. My instincts told me this was an ominous message.

I opened the envelope to see a single sided white paper with the words scrawled on there that she was hurt that I had visited her state and had not bothered to contact her to set up a visit. It especially bothered her that I was only an hour away. If that was the kind of penpal I was, then she was done with me. Don't bother writing. Ever.

Wow. I was stunned.

Why did she think her desire to meet with penpals trumped my desire not to? And why the demand to stop writing? Can't we disagree and still write? Apparently not.

I was glad to let her go as I didn't need that anger and small-mindedness in my life.

After a few months passed, I shared this experience with two other penpals. One of whom also had this woman as a penpal and had experienced the same fate as me- visiting her fair state. They had actually planned to get together, but bad weather stepped in and changed the traveler's plans (who also had two children with her) so no get-together occurred. Cue mean penpal. Angry letter. End relationship.

The traveling penpal was relieved (and not too surprised) as the mean penpal had shown her colors once before when her birthday passed without a card from the traveling penpal. Cue one angry letter.

Seriously, who does that?

The traveling penpal took the cue, sent a belated birthday card and balance was restored. Until their fateful trip.

Life's too short for angry penpals.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Address Book

I found this homemade address book at a thrift store. It has a wood front and back that is lacquered with a picture and the word "Addressory" (I looked the word up in the dictionary- it's not there).
There are photocopied photos separating each section. In the photo below, you can see it says "AB" in the upper right hand corner. There are 10 dividers in all. There is also a quote on each divider. The one below is by Emily Post and says, 

"Love in a letter endures forever in our memories."
The next few pages are form sheets with spaces for addresses as shown below. What's nice about this is that you can easily add more pages as the need expands.
While I like the concept of the handmade address book, this one looks outdated with its faded pages and  photocopy photos. If I were to create one from scratch, I would use colored scrapbooking papers which are heavier, fun letter/mail images from Pinterest, un-decorated address pages so that they're cleaner, possibly room for photos of each recipient or fun stickers.

How would you create one? Or have you already?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Harry Potter Desk

While visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios this January, I came across this lovely desk sitting on its own in a hallway at Ollivanders (makers of fine wands).
 It was an unexpected surprise to find this solitary desk so appropriately staged with books and scrolls, pens and lamps and lots and lots of cubbies.
This is the exact type of roll top desk that I am in search of. Drawers, cubbies and nice wood.
The chair is another story. While it looks like a good match for the desk, a much better choice would be  a wooden chair with armrests, a high back, and wheels.
What do you think? Do you dream of a special kind of desk?
 While I'm not the world's biggest Harry Potter fan, I sure did enjoy my afternoon spent here.